New Posters and Photos from JOHN CARTER

November 29th, 2011 in Photos & Art by 0 Comments

Over the holiday week, Walt Disney Pictures released a number of photos from their upcoming adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs sci fi/fantasy novels John Carter. Now they’ve released new posters as well. Our favorite is the shot of the giant ape. It was Frank Frazetta’s paintings of these creatures that most made us want to read the books back in the day.

The movie features Taylor Kitsch as the title character, a civil war soldier who, upon his death, is revived on an alien planet called Barsoom (which he presumes to be Mars). There he becomes a great warlord among the towering, insect-like Barsoomians and wins the hand of the human princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). Willem Dafoe stars as the Barsoomian Tars Tarkas. Andrew Stanton directs. The movie opens next March.


Author: Rob Worley

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