Contest Winners: IMMORTALS

November 8th, 2011 in Contests by 43 Comments

UPDATE 11/08: Congratulations to our winners: PJ Edwards, karnettas2002, Damon Shaw, David301977, Electricblue717, Tess Craft, Ryan Ravitz, Jamie Tobias, Ken Pasini, Prettyma323, rychepet, Gwen McPhee, Lesa Divito, mtwaldman, Brian Blottie, carolyn563, Janice Zielesch, Stacey Cook, kecia829, robt4848, Tina Tabbi, brendavt, bigdevildog, Karen Morgan, CB87, confidence73, djohnson10_02, Paul Green, ajea, Kathleen Austin, specialguy, ckc0684, Russ Tenale Chris Eberle, Teresa Ladyt Taylor, Mark, Ech Monica and Linda Ybarra-Ponce!

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UPDATE 11/08: This contest is now closed. Please check back in a bit to see who the winners are!

Next year Henry Cavill will make his way on to the big screen as the world’s greatest* superhero.

But why wait so long when you can see him this year playing the world’s second greatest* superhero? And for free!

In November Cavill flexes his heroic muscles as the original superman, the Greek hero Theseus in director Tarsem Singh’s Immortals. That’s right, it’s Greek myth on the big screen and this time we’ve actually got both clashes AND titans.

You want to see it right? Well Backlot D is here to confer its godly blessings upon thee!

We’ve got 38 passes for two to see the movie on November 10th at 7:00pm at the MJR Marketplace 20 in Sterling Heights, MI.

Winning is easy. Just post a comment below telling us about your most heroic feat.

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  1. Register a Backlot D account either directly with us or by using whatever social networking site you’re already using via the handy “Connect” box in the right-hand sidebar. (If you’re already registered you can skip this step).
  2. Post a comment below describing your amazing acts of mythic heroism.
    • Entering this contest multiple times under different logins is most unheroic and not permitted. Any such entries will be disqualified.
  3. Do all this before midnight on November 7th.
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We’ll select 10 winners for the list of all entries.


  1. Valid entries must be received before midnight on November 7th.
  2. Prizes are provided by Allied-THA.
  3. No purchase necessary to enter.
  4. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  5. Winners are responsible for getting themselves to the theater on the day and time of the screening as specified above.
  6. Your pass does not reserve you a seat. This is a promoted, public preview and seating will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis to all pass holders. The theater will be filled to capacity. In other words: MAKE SURE YOU SHOW UP EARLY ON THE DAY OF THE SCREENING TO WAIT IN LINE AND CLAIM YOUR FREE SEATS.
  7. Winners agree to abide by further rules and restrictions prescribed by the studio and its publicity agents that may be printed on or presented with the pass.
  8. Winners will be selected by a method of Backlot D’s devising. All judgments are final.
  9. No whining.

* Superhero rankings are not scientific and are made up only for the purposes of this article.

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IMMORTALS Comic-Con Poster

IMMORTALS Comic-Con Poster

Movie Info

Synopsis: Eons after the Gods won their mythic struggle against the Titans, a new evil threatens the land. Mad with power, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity. Amassing a bloodthirsty army of soldiers disfigured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Only he who possesses this bow can unleash the Titans, who have been imprisoned deep within the walls of Mount Tartaros since the dawn of time and thirst for revenge. In the king’s hands, the bow would rain destruction upon mankind and annihilate the Gods. But ancient law dictates the Gods must not intervene in man’s conflict. They remain powerless to stop Hyperion…until a peasant named Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes forth as their only hope. Secretly chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes…

 Immortals fires its flaming arrow into theaters November 11, 2011.

Author: Rob Worley


PJ Edwards - 10/24/2011

My most heroic feat was helping out the disabled kids in high school. We really got along well and I learned a lot about humanity!

karnettas2002 - 10/24/2011

I paid for a woman’s groceries who didn’t have enough money.

Damon Shaw - 10/24/2011

I once ate 70 Wendy’s nuggets in one setting that is my most heroic feat!

David301977 - 10/24/2011

I truly love working at beaumont hospital! I truly feel like a hero! everyday I know I am going in and making a difference.. I also love seeing smiles on the eldery faces!

Electricblue717 - 10/24/2011

While in the Air Force Reserves I served and was involved in many different types of humanitarian missions all over this ROCK including the United States after 9-11. Proud to serve from 1970-2006. AIM HIGH ALWAYS!!!

Tess Craft - 10/25/2011

I managed not to kill any of the Geek Fights crew while in Chicago for c2e2, despite the taping of the live podcast. With my temper, that’s an heroic feat.

Ryan Ravitz - 10/25/2011

my friends and has an intervention for friend has a few different addictions and now hes has gotten the help he needs and we are all thankful for that

Jamie Tobias - 10/25/2011

At my summer job there was a kid that was drowning in the lake and i saved her

Ryan Ravitz - 10/25/2011

and i posted this contest on all 3 social networks

Ken Pasini - 10/25/2011

I once pulled three people from a car wreck late one night, upon hearing the crash while closing up the kitchen at a restaurant I worked at in high school. BTW – liking BLD on Facebook.

Prettyma323 - 10/25/2011

One time I had to perform CPR on a little girl who stopped breathing out of the blue. She started breathing again, was taken to the hospital and is now fine. 🙂

rychepet - 10/25/2011

I was watching the road and my mom wasn’t and I yelled at her before we got into an accident (She was the one driving.)

Gwen McPhee - 10/25/2011

My most heroic deed was donating blood to someone having open heart surgery despite my fear of needles.

Lesa Divito - 10/25/2011

helping guide children from the wrong side, and teach that the police are not evil they are your friends.

mtwaldman - 10/25/2011

My most heroic act was swapping cars w my wife and son when her car died on the express way

Brian Blottie - 10/25/2011

My most heroic act was working for 12 years helping educate and care for the developmentally disabled. I still lend a hand when I have extra time, free of charge.

carolyn563 - 10/26/2011

My act of mythic heroism is saving intelligent advance movie screeners from seeing bad movies e.g. ‘Apollo 18’…the worst this year, lol.

Janice Zielesch - 10/26/2011

My amazine act of heroism was saving a baby bird who fell out of his nest.

Stacey Cook - 10/26/2011

I fostered kittens that were homeless.

kecia829 - 10/26/2011

my most heroic act was when my dog bust his head open blood was everywhere I could have freaked out but I patched him up and kept the wound cleaned so it wouldn’t get infected. because of me taking good care of him he only has a small scar under his eye and is ver healthy…..

robt4848 - 10/26/2011

I just like ACTION films other wise I’ll fall a sleep

Tina Tabbi - 10/26/2011

My most heric act recently was letting my 17 year old daughter use my vehicle & pay for the gas!! I want to win movie passes for her =)

Tina Tabbi - 10/26/2011


brendavt - 10/26/2011

Letting someone use my cell after they were involved in a car accident.

bigdevildog - 10/26/2011

Passing out extra food to the children out side the compound at camp eagle/ south viet nam. Many where very hungry and sickly looking and it ripped my heart out every day I left on patrol. So I made it a point to bring any extra stuff i could round up the night before. This was in the year 1969, 159th assault, support, 101st airborne. To all my fellow vets out there, have a happy veterans day and be proud.

Linda Ybarra-Ponce - 10/26/2011

Jumping off the roof of our house and getting caught on a nail and just hanging there as my pants slowly tore. I landed unharmed on the ground.

Karen Morgan - 10/26/2011

By setting a good example and good parent for my they will look up to me..

Cherita20 - 10/26/2011

My most heroic feat was performing the heimlic maneuver on a cousin who was chocking on some food at Thanksgiving dinner.

CB87 - 10/27/2011

My most heroic feat was going back to work at 10 pm after putting in a 10-12 hour workday just to help my boss fix his error

confidence73 - 10/28/2011

Most heroic feat I did was I quit my job & left the state to head to Georgia to run a startup business with some friends. At the same time, my son was born a day before I left. Scariest time in my life to create a better life for my family but well worth it!!

Travel Lamar

djohnson10_02 - 10/28/2011

I Supported a first year boy scout troop by buying some popcorn, so he can have the same experience i did as a boy scout.

Paul Green - 10/28/2011

My most heroic feat was a life and death contest against…well, Death. One night he came for my family and I challenged him to a drinking game involving shots of Dave’s Insanity Sauce and pepper spray. Death is a wimp.

ajea - 10/28/2011

I stood up to intense peer pressure and said “NO!”

Kathleen Austin - 10/28/2011

My most heroic feat was giving birth to two children without anesthesia or painkillers of any kind.

And for my bonus entry, I “liked” backlot d on Facebook.

dahouse01 - 10/28/2011

My heroic act was working in a soup kitchen and passing out food for the homeless.

specialguy - 10/28/2011

My most heroic feat was to take my neighbor for his chemotherapy session in what was basically a blizzard.

ckc0684 - 10/29/2011

My most heroic act was i pushed my wife away from a uncoming train it was the most scareist thing i ever done.

Russ Tenale - 10/31/2011

It wasn’t exactly mythic, but I displayed some heroism when I nabbed some homeless dude trying to pilfer a girlie mag out of what’s become the now-closed Borders.

Chris Eberle - 10/31/2011

Helped my friend make it to the hospital after an accident in the Rocky Mountains.

Teresa Ladyt Taylor - 11/1/2011

Coaching young women against teenager pregnancies and overcoming life’s challegenies.

Mark - 11/1/2011

My most heroic moment by far will always be going to work every day for 20 plus years and creating the stable happy home environment, which I never had, so that my wife and two children could flourish. Watching my son grow into the good man, I should have been, seeing my daughter become such a wonderfully happy person, and hearing my wife laugh and smile everyday are my greatest triumphs in life.

Ech Monica - 11/2/2011

I hardly consider myself heroic, although have had occasion to behave heroically from time-to-time. I try to do the best I can everyday… if only that were enough!

canadianflag - 11/7/2011

The only deed that I can remember performing was when I was 10. It was spring time and we lived in a new subdivision where there was no grass, no sidewalks, or paved streets. When we walked to school we had to walk in the roadway, then traverse a boardwalk to get to the house. There was mud everywhere. Well the smallest children managed to step off the boardwalk, into the mud. It was so thick, and deep, up to their boot tops. They couldn’t move, stuck like glue in sinking sand. Well, since I was the biggest kid around, I got to excerise my strength and pull out about 3-4 kids a day. This lasted till about June when the builders finally laid some sod and the ground dried up.