Ashley Elyse as Catwoman in BATGIRL

Made in The D: BATGIRL

June 26th, 2011 in Clips by 0 Comments

Here’s the first episode in a series of Made-in-Detroit fan film shorts focusing on DC Entertainment’s Batgirl.Local filmmaker Terrell Culbert wrote, directed and produced this one under his Breath Again Entertainment banner.

The movie stars Kayla Moran as Batgirl (scary Cassandra Cain model), Channel 95.5 personality Ashley Elyse as Catwoman and Backlot D’s EIC Rob M. Worley as Detective Bullock. Backlot D critic Mike Diskin also worked on the set and appears as a Joker thug in the trailer for the series.

Culbert, Elyse and Worley previously worked together on the Outlaws of Purgatory entry for the Hobo With a Shotgun trailer contest.


Batgirl: Episode One

Batgirl: Teaser Trailer

Author: Rob Worley

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